Shedding light on consumer behavior
What motivates your customers? What opinions, behaviors and experiences guide their decisions? What do they think of you? Are their perceptions consistent with your positioning?

Research and Insights Consulting specializes in consumer-based research and marketing strategy. We dig deep into the consumer mindset to help companies and organizations gain a better understanding of their customers by engaging consumer, employee and stakeholder opinions and feedback.

Through customized and creative approaches we help guide you in your efforts to:

  • Define your value proposition,
  • Develop and adjust programs to enhance the customer experience,
  • Refresh your brand to strengthen competitive positioning,
  • Identify opportunities to improve the customer experience and develop customer-centric service programs,
  • Refine your product(s) to better meet evolving customer needs,
  • Help you understand your current and future market share potential, and
  • Determine if new media, technologies/devices and social networking sites (i.e., Facebook) are the best ways to reach your customers.