Research & Insights Consulting works independently and together with a network of research service providers across North America to develop and provide creative solutions and consumer insights. This allows the company to scale projects to meet each client’s needs.

Christina Colenutt Principal
Christina Colenutt is a senior marketing and research consultant with over 15 years experience in guiding marketing and service program development. Using sound but creative market research approaches, she has helped a variety of companies improve their marketing strategies by better understanding consumer behaviour and applying key insights to their business.

Bio. . .
       Christina has held senior roles with market research
       firms Ipsos-Reid and Cameron Strategy. In addition, she
       has worked client-side, as Director of Guest and Market
       Insights for WestJet, and Director of Consumer Insights for
       Multiplied Media.
       Christina is passionate about understanding consumer
       perceptions and experiences. Her in-depth expertise with
       advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies –
       combined with her experience as an accomplished focus
       group moderator – have helped clients gain a firm
       understanding of consumer needs, wants and
       behaviors. She ensures participants are relaxed and
       engaged to provide an optimal qualitative experience for
       client and participant. She has also developed and
       mastered many innovative techniques designed to improve
       the quality of information garnered from focus groups and
       respondent interviews.
       Working with clients of all sizes and projects of varying
       scales, Christina is comfortable designing, executing and
       analyzing quantitative studies. These range from very simple
       market behavior and opinion assessments to very complex,
       multi-faceted in-depth investigations using conjoint/ discrete
       choice methodologies and custom segmentation studies.

       Of particular interest to clients with a need for on-going
       research while maintaining a modest research budget,
       Christina pioneered the use of online research
       communities as a cost effective in-house research  tool.

       She has a master’s degree from the University of Waterloo
       where she specialized in understanding the key motivators
       of customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Industry Experience
       • Arts • Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Transportation
       Social Networking & Web 2.0 • Mobile Telecommunications
       Local Search and Search Engines
       Membership Associations • Education • Healthcare
       Financial Services • Non-profit Organizations
       Public Opinion and Political Polling •
       Advertising & Communications • Consumer Products.

Industry Memberships
       Research & Insights is a member of two important
       industry associations:
          • Market Research Association (MRA) in the United States,
            adhering to the Code of Marketing Research Standards

          • Market Research Intelligence Association (MRIA)
            in Canada, adhering to the Rules of Conduct and
            Good Practice (2008).

          • Competitive Advantage Through Customer Satisfaction
             Excellence (CATCSE),

             Committee Member (2006 – 2007).
             CATCSE is a committee consisting of a group of
             non-competing companies across North America that
             excel at customer service excellence. As the Director of
             Guest and Market Insights, Christina was invited to join
             the CATSCE committee. Sitting alongside companies
             like IBM, Harley Davidson and Whirlpool, Christina
             participated in the collaborative business forum where
             real-life experiences, insights and best practices in
             the discipline of  "customer focus" strategies
             were exchanged