Our research strategies have helped provide a roadmap for many clients to follow in their marketing and product development efforts. Below are a few examples:

Calgary Stampede. Here – All year
       The Calgary Stampede has  a significant impact on the city
       of Calgary. The Stampede is  a volunteer-supported,
       not-for-profit community organization that preserves and
       promotes western heritage and values. Known as
       “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” the Calgary
       Stampede is best recognized for its ten-day rodeo and a 
       world-renowned tourism attraction.

       Serving in a senior role for a market research firm, Christina        headed up the Calgary  Stampede brand exploration study.
       As the Stampede entered into their park expansion
       planning, the organization wanted to revisit their brand
       values, explore public perceptions and determine ways to be
       recognized in the community for its year-round activities,
       beyond the 10-day  rodeo event.

       Working collaboratively with a public relations firm, the
       team engaged key stakeholders (including volunteers,
       board members, citizens in the surrounding Stampede
       neighbourhoods, Calgarians and employees) to better
       understand community perceptions of the Stampede.

       Results were used to inform communications strategies
       both internally and externally. The brand was refreshed
       and communications strategies updated. Today the
       Stampede is better recognized for its year-round role in the
       community.  As the new tagline says…

       The Calgary Stampede. Here.  All Year.

Canadian Advertising Success Story – Brand revitalization &        advertising campaign
       In 2006, Christina won a CASSIE Advertising Award
       (Canadian Advertising Success Stories) for her work on a
       National brand campaign. The Cassies is dedicated to
       recognizing, rewarding and improving the business
       effectiveness of advertising. This is highlighted by the
       annual Cassies Awards, which are based on rigorous case
       histories of success. As Director of Guest and Market
       Insights at WestJet, Christina lead an on-going, in-depth
       exploration of the brand perceptions of the traveling public
       during the airline’s market expansion. The insights
       gleaned helped define the value proposition, refresh the
       brand, enhance marketing strategies and further identify
       the key elements that contribute to the exceptional guest
       experience. Christina played a key role in providing the
       consumer revelations that lead to the successful “Owners”
       advertising campaign. Her campaign awareness and
       effectiveness programs landed her a 2006 CASSIE
       Advertising Award.

The Shoppers behind Mystery Shopping
       Service Intelligence is the leading North American provider
       of front-line employee performance assessments through
       mystery shops and site evaluations. Through a vital network
       of mystery shoppers, Service Intelligence provides large
       corporations with valuable insights into how service is
       being delivered, from the eyes of the customer – to improve
       the Customer Experience. Working with the marketing and
       operations team, Christina lead an in-depth exploration of
       the needs and motivations of the mystery shoppers; those
       who are paid to conduct store and service evaluations.
       Insights from the segmentation study were used to improve
       communications with the shopping network and enhance
       incentives to the shoppers. Participation in the shop
       evaluations increased as a result of these improvements.